• Weddings

  • We offer a one of a kind DJ service unlike any other. With years of weddings behind us, we believe in making every event unique. We assist you in filling out a packet with details and suggestions on how a simple wedding reception goes. These details can be amended or changed, and allow you to specify anything you would like to happen, hear, or see. Including announcements and call outs to special family members.

    When you have an event as important as a wedding, you NEVER want anything to be too complicated. But we know how it goes, we understand that with everything that goes into a wedding, the last thing you want to have to worry about is there not being any music, or that there may not be a broad enough selection to keep everyone excited. Well, we specialize in entertainment, and since we are from the Beaumont area, we know the people, and the venues well enough to ensure that after all of the ceremonies, all you have to do is spend time with the families, and finally relax after days, months, or even years of planning, saving, and compilation.

    Don't worry about age groups either. We have a broad selection of music from Texas country, to modern dance. Our DJs have years of practice and experience, and promise that we are capable of pleasing a crowd of any size, age, or preference.

    What is "Peace of Mind" worth to you? Can you put a price on knowing one of the most important days of your life will go exactly the way you planned? Would you be willing to let someone other than an entertainment professional be responsible for your special day? At NIGHTZ PRODUCTIONS, we are more than willing to share our insights on wedding planning that have been developed from years of experience and from performing at thousands of wedding receptions. Our number one goal is the same as yours, to provide a quality entertainment experience that your guests will enjoy, appreciate, feel included in and remember for years to come. Your wedding is likely the biggest, and certainly the most meaningful event you will ever plan in your lives. Allowing us to make it unique and personal will ensure the wedding is a true reflection of who you are, and will make it more memorable.


    When you contract with us to provide wedding DJ entertainment for your reception, the first thing we do is send you our custom wedding reception planner. This will guide you through the planning of your entire wedding reception from cocktail hour, to the last dance. It will give you tips, song lists, and suggestions on how to plan the perfect wedding reception.

    Call us today, and we will get with you on a personal level to ensure a relaxing and worry-free day!

    If you are a current client, click here to download the wedding reception planner in PDF format. You may fill out the form on your computer and email it back to me. Or you can print the form and mail it or bring it with you to our meeting before your wedding.