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    Sound engineering (or, the job of making musicians sound great) looks and sounds all hi-techy and digital, but is in fact an art form. People tend to overlook the importance of a quality sound system and an experienced, trustworthy sound engineer. It is essentially the make-or-break of the quality of your event from the entertainment perspective. A wonderful performer, function band or orchestra can literally sound awful if the overall sound output quality and setup are poor. A lot of thought, calculations and preparations go into each concert or show played. Different engineers will have different work methods, ideas, and ways of doing things. Still, there are some key points to look at when searching for the best overall sound setup and personnel:



    Getting the right equipment is important. Microphones, cables, mixers, speakers, monitors – The list goes on and on. As you can imagine all of the above can cost some big money. There will forever be as many opinions about which brands to use as there are engineers, but either way, it is vital to test-out quality before buying. There are bargains out there, but cut corners in the wrong place, and your overall mix output may suffer the consequences. In the same way, you may own a system of $20,000 worth but without the knowledge, it may still sound noisy or buzzy, in which case ears would bleed, and if a $20,000 worth sound system could cry in pain, it would!



    An engineer’s natural ear is something money cannot buy. You are either born with it or you’re not. If you go to an event and the band sounds not only exquisite but also delightful to your ears, you are probably facing the art form of masterful sound engineering. Find an engineer with a sensitive musical ear, developed by the right amount of education and field experience – And you’ve got yourself a winner.



    Never underestimate the experience of a sound engineer. Most amateurs would find their way around two speakers connected to a basic mixing desk. If you really want your event to sound amazing and your guests to be blown away? Our best advice would be – Don’t settle. Field experience with a wide range of equipment, facing real-time challenges such as overcoming power drops, bad cables, monitor feedback, and bad room acoustics are all part of the craft. An experienced sound engineer will know the ins and outs of field operations and will have a deep understanding of acoustics, EQing, and equipment limits.

    Whichever way you choose to go with your sound setup, never hesitate to contact an expert. We are here for whatever consultation or advice you may need. Keep us in the loop!