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     Danny Reed also known as "DJ Red"

    “Purveyor of deep, infectious dance music and upbeat atmosphere.” That is how Danny describes himself as a DJ. Always keeping the mood alive on the dance floor, his musical selections are his own therapy. Having grown up listening to a combination of contemporary Christian music and country music (Mercy Me and Shenandoah) synth-infused with jazz, rap, hip-hop and dance (Pitt bull, Post Malone, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez) all which became infused with his own love for decades theme music and piano tunes, Danny ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. What he offers today, is his translation into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of this music that he loves the best combined together and creating a foot-shuffling house beat.

    A very active member of his local community, Danny is no stranger to the pros and cons of a small-town music scene. Though he loves playing in nightclubs, patios, and special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes and is also the owner of Danny Reed Photography. He captures the perfect moment in any event whether it be a wedding, maternity shoot, party, or anniversary- he brings vision, creativity, and a unique experience to every shoot.

    “For me, it’s all about mood and a deep, mesmerizing groove… playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date.”