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    Each of our DJs have pledged to abide by the following at each and every wedding they have in their care:

    My Commitment to Every Bride and Groom:

    • I will play the songs that keep your guests dancing, and make changes as necessary to ensure this.
    • I will never do anything cheesy or obnoxious, or make myself the center of attention, unless it’s something we’ve planned together. It is YOUR day.
    • If something is on your must-play list, I will play it within the time period that we discuss.
    • If you want to hear a song at YOUR wedding, I will play it as quickly as possible, if it can’t be immediate.
    • I will make all announcements in a formal, fun, and classy way.
    • I will coordinate the grand entrance, cake cutting, toasts, grace, special dances, and other traditions in a  “take charge” kind of way, but without being pushy, so you can have a worry-free night.
    • I will be courteous, friendly, and professional to you, your guests, and your other wedding vendors.
    • I’ll supply the top-quality equipment that is necessary to produce quality sound for a large banquet room, without overdoing the volume or lighting effects.
    • My backup gear will be with me at all times.
    • I arrive at least 1 1/2 hours early to ensure that I am completely set up, and everything is smoothly operating for your guest arrival.
    • I’ll leave the drinking to the guests.
    • I do not carry blow-up props, play weird games, or embarrass you or your guests.  (Unless you have asked for something specific).
    • I will use caution when carrying my equipment in and out of your banquet facility, and abide by all rules and restrictions.
    • I will wear a modern tuxedo, suit or appropriate dress,  with no additional frills or adornments such as musical notes on my bow tie or excessive jewelry.
    • I understand that you’ll be completing an evaluation of my services, and will do everything in my ability to ensure that you’ll rate me perfectly. I will always give you the respect and care of being prepared and trying my hardest, but please understand that I am human, and can make an honest mistake.

    Your Favorite DJ